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In the late nineties, as the ISO requirements became widespread, Intera System’s customers demanded a more comprehensive solution to support the requirements to become ISO certified. Intera Systems, Inc. as a manufacturing software developer had a simple make or buy decision. Do we find something or do we develop something. We happened to find a small company founded by a senior ISO auditor that saw the need for a comprehensive solution to provide all the requirements to support ISO certification. Intera acquired ISOlution as it’s quality control software solution and is now providing this solution to both small and large organizations to meet the needs of both ISO and QS requirements. Our ISOlution quality software provides all the following functions:

  • Calibriation Activity
  • Documentation
  • Training/Employee Activity
  • Customer Activity
  • Supplier Activity
  • Capability Analysis
  • Preventative Actions
  • Return Authorizations
  • Project Planning
  • Spc
  • Production Auditing/Analysis
  • Engineering Activity
  • Control Plans
  • Manufacturing Defect Codes
  • Surveys
  • Fema’s
  • Ppap’s
  • To Do List
  • Iso Viewer
  • Security

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