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After overwhelming success with our initial vertical solution for the screw machine and turned parts industry – in 1986 Intera Systems, Inc. contracted with six of the leading companies in the metal stamping industry and the Precision Metal Forming Association (PMA), to design and develop the first fully integrated software solution for the metal stamping and metal forming industry.

By collaborating with these industry leaders and the association, Intera has developed a next-generation manufacturing software package specifically designed for the requirements of the metal stamping and metal forming industries. By developing a custom-based solution, Intera has avoided the problems associated with attempting to modify a generic software package.

In 1988 we joined the Automotive Industry Action Group – (AIAG) to address the requirements of EDI and Repetitive manufacturing. Our completely integrated solutions – Hawk-i and ISOlution – offer the following features for the metal stamper/former:

  • Estimating including cycle time calculation
  • Tracks production in cycles to handle multi-cavity dies
  • Order processing/Invoicing
  • Integrated EDI
  • Inventory/lot tracking/bin location
  • Purchasing/receiving
  • Bar Coded material and labor reporting
  • Time phased material requirements planning
  • Finite/Infinte scheduling – forward/backward – what-if – concurrent
  • Schedules Dies
  • Die maintenance
  • Detail job costing
  • ISO/QS9000 Quality Control (see overview on ISOlution)
  • Scrap tracking
  • BOM and routings
  • Work Orders and Production Plans (Repetitive)
  • Calculates tool costs
  • Equipment/Machine maintenance
  • Accounting
  • Payroll and HR

Click here to view our on-line demos and experience the power and flexibility of Hawk-i. and ISOlution. To take your metal stamping or metal forming business to the next level with Hawk-i and ISOlution – Contact Us today at 1.877-839-4243.

Intera Systems, Inc. – providing the next generation of manufacturing software for the Metal Stamping and Metal Forming Industries.

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