Introducing the next generation of manufacturing and quality assurance software from Intera Systems.

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Intera Systems Manufacturing Software

As a pioneer in the design and development of MRP/ERP manufacturing software for highly niched vertical industries, Intera Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the immediate availability of our next generation manufacturing software package: Hawk-i. Based on our twenty years of industry experience – Hawk-i represents the most technically advanced and functionally robust solution for your industry.

Based on Microsoft™ technology – Hawk-i offers specific functions for very specific industry verticals.

The bottom line: each end user gets what appears to be custom software, at packaged software prices.
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Advanced Job Shop ERP Software

Based on close industry collaboration, Hawk-i represents the most robust and advanced Job Shop ERP software available. Select your industry from the menu at the top to learn more about Hawk-i, and what it can do for your business. Click here to view our on-line demo and experience the power and flexibility of Hawk-i.

Hawki-I Manufacturing Software, Job Shop ERP software by Intera Sytems

Quality Control Software

Additionally – Intera Systems, Inc. offers ISOlution – our state-of-the-art quality control software. ISOlution is a comprehensive product that integrates all the functions required for ISO/QS 9000 qualification, compliance and auditing. ISOlution has gained industry-wide acceptance as a valuable tool to help organization achieve ISO/QS status.

Intera Systems quality control software for quality assurance and management 2014